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Perfection has no limits, and this is our way
Dasti Associates is a diversified company with a team of specialists in the real estate and construction sector

Dasti Associates is a leading real estate, construction and architectural management firm which has decades of experience. We have worked on many large scale projects and delivered great results to the clients. Our core competencies lie in providing great housing facilities to people. We follow best practices of construction and infrastructure provision to the clients. Dasti Associates stay in touch with the continuously evolving market trends and try to follow the emerging trends. It enables us to offer quality services to our clients.

Our mission – providing the best lifestyle to the customers!

Our projects in renowned residential projects like Bahria Enclave, Fazaia Society, D Towers and commercial projects like Elite towers, Moiz Towers, Abdullah Tower and Hussain Tower shows our excellence in terms of quality. We also provide marketing services to develop our client’s business into a brand. Our successful clients motivate and encourage us to put more and more effort into offering specialized services. The team of experienced designers, architects and managers enable us to achieve the goals in the desired time.

Market Analysis

The future is with us

Our research based analysis of the real estate market enable us to build mega projects. We constantly invest time and money in order to perform detailed market research in the real estate arena. Our team helps clients to invest in profitable opportunities.

Time – the most expensive resource!
President of Dasti Associates.
Dasti Associates believes in following the ethical values and builds a relationship with the customers based on mutual trust and integrity

Dasti Associates is a real estate company which has a mission of providing an amazing lifestyle full of amenities to its customers. We have the right expertise that is required to carry out the projects related to construction and architectural domains all over the country. Our satisfied and happy clients prove that the skills we have are what you exactly need. From the phase of project planning to the end where implementation is done, we showcase a transparent behavior with the clients based on the virtue of truth, strong work ethic and integrity.


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